Soundcraft MH4 40

Soundcraft MH4 40


Soundcraft’s MH4 Series TourPack is available in Five fully modular frame sizes: 24+4, 32+4, 40+4, 48+4 and 56+4.

The MH4 40 is configured with 40 input channels. 40 inputs feature microphone and line level connections, an additional 4 stereo inputs are provided as well. The stereo inputs enable flexible auxiliary routing for monitoring mixing applications. The console features 8 group outputs enabling routing to monitors, external recorders, etc. The MH4 series implements Soundcraft’s microphone preamps and EQ section, delivering the sonic quality expected of more costly consoles.

Additional features include Soundcraft’s famed 20 x 8 matrix mixer for added routing flexibility and an integrated meter bridge, enabling accurate metering.

Soundcraft MH4 40 Features:

  • 40 mono Input Channels, 4 Stereo Input Channels
  • Triple-mode live console: Flexible Aux Bus structure allows use as FOH, Monitors or a combination
  • 4 full-function stereo mic/line inputs
  • 8 auxiliary sends provide plenty of routing to external effects, monitors, etc.
  • All mono inputs provide direct outputs for direct routing to recorders, mixers, etc.
  • Passive mic splitter outputs from each channel
  • Flexible Aux Bus structure allows use as FOH, Monitors or a combination 8 Group busses with 12 Aux busses in total (FOH mode)
  • 16 Monitor busses: 16 mono, 12 mono + 2 stereo or 8 mono + 4 stereo (Monitor mode) or 8 instantly configurable for stereo in ear use
  • 8 VCA groups and 8 Mute groups with snapshot automation and MIDI control
  • Integral 20×8 Output Matrix
  • Completely Modular Construction
  • LCR panning on inputs, Semi-parametric EQ on stereo Aux outputs
  • LED Input and VU Output metering
  • Integral Meterbridge, optional bargraph led meter version (cost option)
  • Snapshot automation and MIDI control
  • Integrated control of dbx DriveRack and BSS Varicurve
  • Supplied with 2 x CPS800 Power Supplies with redundancy

Dimensions :
(H x D x W): 15″ x 32″ x 77.5″
Cased (H x D x W) 20.5″ x 52.5″ x 81.5″
Weight: (w/o case) 382 lbs
Weight: (cased) 595 lbs


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